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Education is a fundamental aspect of development for youth into their adulthood. This site offers resources for both local educational outlets as well as steps in pursuing future educational goals. 


Homeschooling is a very important choice to make for both your child and your family.  There are many great resources available to people considering this choice.  Here are a few to check out :


Island Schools

Grades K-8

Edgartown School

Oak Bluffs School

Tisbury School

West Tisbury School


Grades K- 6

Chilmark School


Grades K-12

Martha's Vineyard Public Charter School

Grades 9-12

Martha's Vineyard Regional High School


Standardized Testing

Throughout your child's school career, there will be several standardized tests that will come your way, and it is important as parents to stay informed about the schedules, preparations and supports available to you.



Information about the Test

Calendar / Schedule/

Web based tutoring for the MCAS (for a fee)


Information about the PSAT

Calendar / Schedule

Preparing for the Test


There are both local and national resources for tutoring your child in challenging individualized areas.

Online tutoring for a fee:

A free online Math Tutor ~ The Math Forum:

Local Libraries

Chilmark Public Library

Edgartown Library Edgartown Library

Vineyard Haven Library Vineyard Haven Library

Aquinnah Library Aquinnah Library

West Tisbury Library West Tisbury Library

Oak Bluffs Library


For some teens struggling in school or having social problems, dropping out and taking the general equivalency degree, or GED, is an understandable temptation. The GED is an alternate to getting a high school diploma and involves taking five tests to prove that even though you didn't graduate from high school, you have high school-level academic skills.

This program is for students who have not graduated from high school. If your child has dropped out, the GED can open doors to jobs, colleges, trade schools, or apprenticeship programs. Your child is eligible to take the GED if:

  • They are a resident of Massachusetts

  • They are 18 or older and not enrolled in school

  • They are 17, out of school, and the class to which you were assigned has graduated.

ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)

If English is not your child's first language, there are programs that offer ESOL programs.

The following programs offer alternative solutions to learning, including GED and ESOL programs (please note: ACCCESS and GED services are for those aged 16 years and older):


Martha's Vineyard Public Schools (ESOL)

Martha's Vineyard Sheriff’s Department (GED)

College Prep

How do I set up a long-range plan?

Step by step, you can help your child make informed decisions about his or her education, do well academically, learn about colleges, and find the best possible opportunities for a college education. Visit CollegeBoard to learn more.

College Funding

Financial Preparation Checklist for Parents


  • Start saving money for your child's college education.

  • Investigate different ways to save money - buying U.S. Savings Bonds or opening a savings account in a bank, etc.



  • Continue to save for college.


  • Continue to save for college.


  • Help your child investigate the availability of financial aid from federal, state, local, and private sources. Call the Student Aid Hotline at the U.S. Department of Education (1-800-4FED-AID) for a student guide to federal financial aid. Have your child talk to his or her guidance counselor for more information.

  • Help your child investigate the availability of scholarships provided by organizations such as corporations, labor unions, professional associations, religious organizations, and credit unions.

  • If applicable, go to the library with your son or daughter and look for directories on scholarships for women, minorities, and disabled students.


  • Make sure your child completes all necessary financial aid forms, including the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) from the U.S. Department of Education. Call 1-800-4FED-AID; TDD 1-800-730-8913 or visit the FAFSA web site at:

  • Continue to save for college.

Island Schools
College Prep
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