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Surveys and assessments

The Youth Task Force (YTF) has been collecting data for over a decade from a variety of sources.  Initially, the first Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) was conducted in 1999.  The data from this survey provided the YTF with hard facts about use rates and issues for the school aged youth of Martha's Vineyard.  

Since this initial surveying, the YTF has assured the community that they will continue to collect data via the YRBS bi-annually.

More about the Youth Risk Behavior Survey

For this anonymous survey, all students in grades 7-12 are asked a series of questions related to health and risky behavior. The surveys are analyzed and compiled into a report by an off-island agency. The YRBS Survey Reports are utilized as a tool to shape YTF initiatives and create supports for students.

Download the results from past Youth Risk Behavior Surveys: 





2010 High School | 2010 Middle School

2009 High School | 2009 Middle School

2007 High School | 2007 Middle School


Download results from other previous community assessments: 

Key Informant Interviews - 2010, Marijuana

Youth Focus Group - 2010, Marijuana

Parent Survey - 2010

Parent Survey - 2013

Teacher Survey - 2010

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